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Formidable Paper Foldible Tactics

December 5, 2006

In our ‘Kitchen Sink’ class we had to come up with a product that we could feasibly promote and sell. Some folks designed plates, coasters, cd cases, even upholstery! I came up with ‘Jocund Battles’ , a collectible minature game with paper craft figures!

The first figure I designed is ‘Cromagnatron’, photos of the actual figure after the jump!

The other component of this assignment was to come up with ideas on how to promote your product as well as research into your target market. Essentially we had to treat this as a pitch or proposal. It was an interesting challenge coming up with a professional document and a worthy product overall.

My big presentation for this is next week, I’m planning on putting in more time into the pitch and creating at least one or two more original figures. If you want, I can even make available the templates to make your own Cromagnatron. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. Sarah M (the "M" stands for 'M'azing!) permalink
    December 18, 2006 3:34 am

    wow, rey! this is so cool. i’d totally buy this…for real. my shelf of amazing needs more little creatures. most are vinyl, so what better addition than paper?! nuthin!

    haha…glad to see you’re doing cool and cute things with your time. 🙂

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