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Sketchbook Fridays (Tuesday Edition) : HighSchool

December 5, 2006

I used to have a big chip on my shoulder about the highschool experience. Now that I’m almost five years removed from my PJP II days and nearly finished with college, I’m starting to look back…

Last year I did a project that required drawing people from my highschool. Here they are:

I found it strange that as I began to draw, memories and emotions would start filtering in, and somehow, subconciously or not, that informed how the drawing turned out. Showing them to my friends, they immediatly knew who I had fond memories of – based purely on the sort of way I went drawing them. I had a mad crush on some, others had a crush on me (!) , others were good friends and some were really cruel!  Can you guess who’s who? Highschool. Love it.

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  1. john d permalink
    December 6, 2006 4:06 am

    ah highschool. lots of memories there. i just wish the decision to make brebeuf co-ed came about when i was still there….

  2. December 6, 2006 5:56 am

    Ok, here what they were, and how I would treat/sarge them:

    Note: Some of you may not know these terms. Don’t worry about it, just take pleasure in your socially conditioned comofrt zones and msn relationship tips.

    Mary Grace: A little angst ridden col’ toni who just discovered boys. Sarge method? She’s probably AC6.5 (your drawings of people are always generous so she looks like an 8), but she may think she’s a 9. So neg her. Neg hit twice and for every neg hit pay her a compliment. It’s hard to DHV in a circus like high school, so the only way is to get into a fight or tell the alpha guy to fuck off and get your tough cousins to beat his ass if he steps up. Then qualify her hard.

    Priscilla/MilliVanilli: Awesome pivot, especially given her upbeat, personable attitude. Be nice ot this one … find out how to engage her emotions(easy to do), and you have a pussy magnet for life.

    Arlet: This girl wants to fuck you. Break her in.

    Ira: Seems like pivot material but she’s a bit of a flake, so neg her but sparingly. You’d fuck her but think here: she’s better as a magnet/portal.

    Cheryl: Every neg hit that may seem too cruel, hit her with it — but in a cool, cocky way. At line-up, stand close to her, then do a full back turn, pretending you don’t notice how you’re invading her personal space. If she has a boyfriend, befirend him, then make him look like a douche (AMOG destroy routine). Her reality is so powerful she may seem impossible unless your frame is stronger.

    Stacey-Ann: This girl needs help … help her, but in a way that communicates compassion to other women, not neediness. If for some bizarre reason SHE mistakes this as your neediness (common with insecure women given to col’ toni behaviour) drop her instantly. A girl like this is DLV unless she’s being used.

    Jason: Nice guy, but an AFC. He may infect you with his own limiting beliefs. Nice guy, good company, but be careful. Don’t get stuck endlessly talking about ‘life’ and ‘problems’ with him. That said, with a little push, and some experience, he might make a great wing someday.

    Rhea and Rachel: These girls are ugly, insecure, and occasionally say dumb shit to get attention. Nobody cares. Next.

    Christina: Nice girl, but it s almost too easy to get into the friendzone with this one. She’ll act all nice and you’ll just instinctually mimic this behaviour as it is only the more disarming due to her hot looks. Play into her reality, then occasionally just tease her in a way she doesn;t expect. Mind you, this is an advanced tactic and takes a degree of inner congruence, since any neg hit that is too tough may alienate her completely. That said, it wouldn’t be as big a loss as it seems: for all her fornting, this girl is a flake deep down.

    Gracielle: Reads a lot of Maya Angelou. Good to learn from, and may even enrich your life on a deep level. She’s one of those older women who sees the man you’ll become before you’re even there yet … and she approves.

    Mr. Whitebread: Nice guy who thinks you’re a genius, and may even be a bit goofy. However, occasionally, he’s just a little too lenient when col’ tonis like Cheryl put on their ‘nice girl’ face.

    Man that was fun.

    Ah … you have inspired me to somethign similar. Only high school is too far back for me. I may do one for girls I meet in clubs.

  3. January 10, 2007 5:21 pm

    i’m gonna take a wild guess at what these people mean to you:

    mary grace: you had a crush on her, but she thinks she’s hot shit. i see a bit of warmth in the eyes, but with those brows, she seems deceiving. probably a girl that every nice guy falls for but she doesn’t dig them and won’t even think twice to talking to them.

    priscella: you guys were good friends, she was really kind to you. it feels like you pitied her in a way or another, with that expression on her face.

    arlet: you had a crush on her, she seems cute and sweet. she seems fun and sporatic to be around. her heart was set on someone else.

    ira: she had a crush on you, but you had your heart set on someone else. maybe arlet or christina. you guys made good friends but now you regret not seeing it all this time.

    cheryl: cold bitch, and she wasn’t afraid to hide it. she made it well known that she didn’t like losers.

    stacey-ann: she started out as a good friend of yours, nice but a little out of it. later, she started to skip classes, hung out with the wrong crowd. by oac, she was all thugged out.

    jason: long time friend, since elementary school. he was a really good friend, but was the timid guy in your circle of friends. he probably relied a lot on you for meeting people.

    rhea & rachel: these two were superficial best friends. rachel was a loner and was desperate for a friend. rhea was one of “badass” girls who smoked yet was still picked on by the preps. they turned to each other for friendship because rachel wanted to be cooler, while rhea just needed someone to do their homework. dunno how they relate to you. maybe rachel had a crush on you but rhea didn’t think you were cool enough so nothing was done about it.

    christina: someone you had a mad crush on. you would daydream about her and think she’s everything you were looking for in life. you were into her for her innocent look, kindness, and intelligence. she blinded you from everyone else in high school, but the only downfall was that she had a jock/gangsta boyfriend who was too cool for school, drank every weekend, and was a waste of life. the worst part is she thought of him so highly.

    gracielle: your mortal enemy of the time. she was the one that you hated because she was as smart as you, but she put up her hand for every question mr. whitebread would ask. she was a know-it-all. she had all the personalities of a stereotypical brown nosin suck-up, which made you hate her even more. she was a loner and she enjoyed being a loner. her and a certain “dude” would make a great couple.

    mr. whitebread: a teacher who inspired you to do something in the arts. he was one of the main reasons why you are at sheridan.

    and that’s that. i kinda like thinking up of stories for these faces… should do that in my head all the time with people i walk by in the streets or hallways. on to nataly’s!

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