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mucho burritos

January 30, 2008


A cool illustration community I’m a part of, Amateur Illustrator, did a little interview with me, here is a snippet:

What inspires and motivates you to create art?

One thing that motivates me is the idea of having a ‘dialog’ with viewers, when they look at my work, in a way it’s like we are having a conversation. I also like the notion of exchanging ideas with other artists through our work, so this is also a kind of dialog.

I’m inspired by lots of stuff, pretty much anything! Like the weather, or hearing a funny word, but I think that’s a boring answer so….specifically, I’ve been inspired by the idea of ’simplicity’, and how I can extend that to the themes and execution of my work. This dovetails nicely into your next question…


Want to read more dork-speak?!? You can check it out here, or click on the image above. Biggups to Nick over at AI for doing this and also the great job selecting the pictures to go with the words.


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  1. tim permalink
    March 4, 2008 9:26 am

    i’m always a fan of your stuff. 😀

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