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Kitsune Noir

March 19, 2008


Now you can see the full image of what I hinted at a few weeks back.

Bobby over at Kitsune Noir threw up ‘Fantômes’, for The Desktop Wallpaper Project. TDWP started a couple weeks back, so far artists like Tim Biskup and McBess have had their contributions shown on +KN, and it has even garnered attention from the all mighty BoingBoing. Regular readers of this blog should check back in the next couple of weeks to see who else takes part, you might see some familiar faces.

If you’d like to grab the desktop for yourself (available in a bunch of sizes – even in psp!) then I would politely suggest click here.

A few more notes about the image, after the break.

About the image: This is one of the largest pieces I’ve drawn yet, the original is approx. 15″ x 26″. All I know was that I wanted to draw an animal (something that I don’t do too often) and also Parisian rooftops. The rest sort of worked itself out. One thing worth noting, is the open space at the top half of the image – I like desktops that will allow icons to be clearly visible. If your icons go past the halfway point, clean your desktop!

Heres my favorite quote from the +KN post: ‘The piece above is titled ‘Fantômes’, and when I opened my email and saw this I just about shit myself.” I hate it when that happens! Thanks again Bobby.

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  1. March 20, 2008 11:56 am

    lookin good, reyo. that lil guy’s got attitude.

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