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the sleeper has awakened!

April 3, 2008

wuddup peoples. This here is the last of the three pieces for the Pony Club’s Magik Show, which starts today. Sleeper is about imagination breaking through the confines and restrictions that come with age. Maybe lost magic can return after all?

I’m taking G$’s advice and decided to discuss a bit more the thoughts behind this series, after the break. (So blame Greg if your bored with my art-wankery)

Sleeper is kind of like the little brother to ‘ Last Boss’, which I did last summer. Its kind of interesting seeing how they are similar and different. I can see myself drawing him more, I like this serene, whale like blob:


This past year was a good opportunity to create personal pieces, and examine the imagery that reoccurs in the work. At the same time, I find it a challenge creating work that is consistent as well something that pushes me personally. This new series is in some ways, a remix of the Shapes series.

Here is a picture of the two triptychs together, ‘ The Sleepers Three’, and Shapes:

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