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getting giclee with it

April 22, 2008

Hey there boys and goils,

Today I can announce the prints I’m producing through Blueflipart. Above are the five available, each one is a high quality giclee print on heavy, acid-free, 100% cotton paper. ‘fantômes’ is a satisfyingly large print at 15″ x 10.8″, $39.95 (US) and ‘little princess’ measures in at a cute 8.2″ x 10″ $19.95. Everything else falls in between so there’s something for everyone.

In addition to getting a pretty picture, you’ll also help to save the universe (or at least earth). A portion of the proceeds goes to charity, I choose Edge of Existence a global wildlife concern that focuses on evolutionarily distinct animals, you know, like this guy.

Thanks goes out to Matt at Blueflip for making it happen. Thats just about it, here’s a link to the prints, and happy shopping.

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