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Urbanaut 5

July 14, 2008

Here’s your latest Urbanaut, regularly appearing over at torontoist. This one is kind of like a follow up to the second installment – observing the oddities that characterizes Toronto. The ROM ( the Royal Ontario Museum) isn’t exactly an eye-sore, but at the same time I’d hardly call it a beautiful.

To be honest I preferred it when the facade was still being constructed, all the exposed girders and bolts lent a post-apocalyptic flair to the whole endeavor.  And who doesn’t want to live in the world of Terminator 2, after all?

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  1. Chris Coles permalink
    July 16, 2008 8:18 am

    Awesome, Rey. These comics are ultra charming. Really great colours and I love the humor. Kinda jealous of these ideas. Well done, sirrr.

  2. July 16, 2008 4:56 pm

    Hi Chris, I’m glad you like it. The colours are a little bit off from the original, since movable type has a pretty limited file size cap.

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