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urbanaut super-fun pack

August 9, 2008
Welcome to August, everyone,
clothing optional

'clothing optional'

Today we have a three-pack of Urbanaut fun. The image you see is from this week , and here we have links to the others: July 23rd, July 30th , and the latest, August 6th.

After the break I’ve included optimized versions of the art, as well as notes….

ancient hieroglyphs

ancient hieroglyphs

While last month was a particularly busy time for me, these next few weeks promise to be equally so. The two big ones: a five artist group show south of the border, and a largish illustration assignment, both are currently well underway.

Aside from those long term projects, every week I try and keep up with blogging, emails, and a variety of other projects both great and small.

fine dining

Of course, every week we have the The Urbanaut, now in it’s 8th edition. Working on this series regularly (although I did have one missing week) has been great in terms of refining my sensibilities. Every week I try to improve upon some aspect, or play around and experiment with another. One thing I’m feeling more confident about is my lettering. Early on, I used a ballpoint which was then color adjusted, these days I’m liking the look of penciled lettering, it feels like it belongs.

And thats a wrap! good-bye for now.

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  1. September 21, 2008 12:53 am

    Hi Rey-O glad I found your stuff finally – love the comic work, particularly the Urbanaut.

    I have been trying to get my shot together and self publish this series RUINATION – here is a directlink to EPISODES 1 and 2 – hope you like.

    Its less fun than your stuff but it helps me get out the frustrations – any advice would be welcome…

    Hope you are well


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