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Toronto Fan Expo 08 – aftermath

August 30, 2008

Shazbot Finibus, Eshwin Dhir, and me!

Fan Expo 08 has come and gone. Now that I’ve had sufficient time to recover from the madness, here are some pictures and notes, after the break!


Eshwin had a lot of great Star Trek and Horror related art, you can see them over at his blog.

you buy now

Here’s a bizarrely-angled shot of the assorted prints I was selling. Thank you so much to the fine folks who came by and picked something up. Much to my surprise, I had people coming by who had seen a piece online, or who had remembered me from last year, that was really cool! thanks thanks thanks. I sold out of virtually everything that I had, which is nice, since it meant I had more room for all comics I bought.

'omigosh did you see what happened in * insert anime here * ? '

Finally, this is what it’s all about. Just two guys, chatting up about some crazy anime that I haven’t the slightest clue about. Thats John Dellomes on the left, and Ricky Chong on the right. I might have to update this post a little later with more pics, seeing as how I don’t have a single one with Maria Stefessen, the chief member of Super Fun Happy Drawing Time Magic Team Go.

That about covers it! Thanks again to everyone who came by our table!

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