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Winnie the Crustacean

November 7, 2008

lobster fun

lobster fun

Here’s a little commission that I cooked up for a cool couple in Boston, Massacheusetts.  I was asked to make a  piece featuring a girl and a lobster  (something of a totem for them) to commemorate a special birthday. I enjoyed working on this and I’d like to say hello and thank you to both Max and Julia for this opportunity.

Hello! Thank You!

BONUS FACT: It occurred to me  after finishing this, that I owe a lot to my favourite blanket as a kid, check it out:

I hope my warm feelings transferred to the work!

♪ la la lalalala laaaaa ♪

I had forgotten this blanket long ago, but I was so happy to see it again once I pulled it out of the closet!  Sometimes I feel like I’m an archaeologist exploring the dusty parts of my memory. Instead of unearthing ancient relics or priceless artifacts, I’m digging up lost feelings of warmth and love. I hope those warm feelings from my own childhood are in my work!

While we’re celebrating birthdays, my next blog post is going to be  a little special too, stay tuned please!


Goodbye Summer

September 29, 2008

You were a good one, see you next year.

hidden robot

hidden robot

Since I’m severely behind on my blogging duties, this post will now be a big summer recap. After the jump – new art, show pictures and commentary galore.

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speakeasy illustration show tonight

September 4, 2008

Himalayan Yeti Rescue Initiative

Himalayan Yeti Rescue Initiative 12"x16" mixed media on rice paper mounted on wood

The Himalayan Yeti Rescue Initiative was established in 1803 to preserve and safeguard the habitat of our mountain dwelling monster friends of the orient.

You can see this fine pictorial depiction of the H.Y.R.I. and other paintings tonight in Toronto, at the SpeakEasy Illustration Show. More info here.

Toronto Fan Expo 08 – aftermath

August 30, 2008

Shazbot Finibus, Eshwin Dhir, and me!

Fan Expo 08 has come and gone. Now that I’ve had sufficient time to recover from the madness, here are some pictures and notes, after the break!

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Toronto Fan Expo 2008

August 22, 2008

the urbanaut no. 10

This weekend I’ll be attending the Toronto Fan Expo (August 22-24), you can find me along with my table mates Eshwin Dhir and Maria Steffensen over at artists alley. I have prints both large and small, and I always enjoy chatting with people. If you are planning on going, please do stop by and say hello!

lay your weary head to rest

August 19, 2008

i need sleep (detail)

I love that song by Kansas…

The whole piece after the break.

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my own marathon

August 16, 2008

Marathon Painting sessions will never be an Olympic event, but that isn’t stopping me from working diligently every day in preparation for two upcoming gallery shows…

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